How To Add Value With Property Maintenance

how to increase value through property maintenance

Increasing the resale value of any property is among the top priorities of homeowners whether it is their home of residence or investment.

In some cases there is absolutely nothing you can do about declining values, due to the fact that value can frequently change through external sources, such as the overall decrease of the community, the property maintenance of surrounding buildings, or the rezoning of specific areas by local government agencies.

Nevertheless, despite possible outside influences placing downward pressure on property prices, there are many elements & practices a property owner can implement to increase value, in spite of any changes out of your control.

Improving Value Through Effective Property Maintenance

Ben Fragar, Managing Director of Gold Coast property maintenance company Plan B Maintenance says “There are many outside factors that can help to improve resale value of your property, and there are a couple that should be considered before taking out any mortgage refinance options for renovating purposes”. Some of these factors consist of:

1. Location.
We have al heard the common phrase in property location, location, location. The location of your property will have a huge bearing on how its value performs in the long term. Elements such as median house prices for recent transactions, the quality of regional schools and whether the area has a strong sense of a safe neighborhood.

2. Sustainability
With the advancement of technology buyers in todays property market wish to see eco-friendly options when settling on a brand-new property. Structures that aim to keep an environment-friendly stance are more likely to hold their value or increase their value to buyers in the future. A few of these choices are more inexpensive than others, but a potential new homeowner needs to have the ability to execute at least one or two of these sustainable options on the home.

3. Renovations
Perhaps the greatest & well-known strategy for improving a properties house value is routine maintenance & renovations. Performing well thought out renovations can add huge amounts of value, sometimes yielding a 3:1 investment return. Making sure not to over capitalize, non-structural renovations can be achieved over a period of time.

Ben Fragar comments “Take a list and categorize by just how much it may cost, including your money and time, and by how much the expected return in value. Be sensible. Make in formed decisions. It’s totally fine to go with a full kitted out gourmet style kitchen, however keep your budget & capital return in mind”.

When you have a list, focus on what will give you the biggest return for little investment and take the emotions out of it. See if you can come away with a sensible balance between the have to haves and the dream to have.

Easy to manage house improvements to help it increase in value.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping.
They say a picture paints a thousand words, and first impressions mean everything. Well there’s no question that small easy to maintain shrubs and colorful plants will improve the curb appeal of any house and give that great first impression. Its highly recommend though to consider your community and purchase plants that are belonging to your area, will fit in with your neighbors or plants that are drought-tolerant; these require less water and maintenance, meanings you can save on water costs whilst doing your part for the environment.

Among the most simplest, cost-efficient enhancements of all is paint! Newly painted spaces look clean and upgraded. If your upgrades and maintenance activates are for resale, remember that neutrals attract the best variety of people, for that reason making your home a preferred purchase. Usually, a litre of paint costs around $15 – $25. So buying a few litres of paint & giving your rooms a real freshen up can yield big returns!

Upgrading bathrooms to the latest styles and options can provide that real wow factor for potential buyers. And more importantly a clean, fresh bathroom feels more confortable to visit. There’s absolutely no need to remodel a bathroom to realize an improvement in value, however if your up to it, a redesign of the layout to allow for a more user friendly space can reap huge returns.

Absolutely nothing turns buyers off more than the idea that they will right away have to change all the flooring in a house. Ideally, you would want to replace them all, and keep a uniformed covering, but if on a restricted budget plan start by changing the carpeting in the space that shows the most wear and/or stains.

Remember, consistent property maintenance & renovations can yield great results with increased value, and the ability to refinance for further investments. Start gradually. Note the important things you want to change and the updates you want to make. Visit this site www.realtor.com for great advice by speaking with your local real estate agents. Talk to your mortgage broker and consult with a property maintenance company and together make a capital investment strategy.

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